Our Story

I grew up in the printing business. I’ve been learning alongside my family for 25 years now, but that’s just a fraction of the time that the 5 generations who came before me passionately dedicated themselves to graphics, design, poster creation and photo products. Back then, we obsessed about getting things right for our customers, but the technology 25 years ago wasn’t what it is today (digital printing…not) and if we delivered you a product in 2 or 3 weeks, we thought we were all that. Well, things change and after serving more than 1 million customers over the years, I knew there was a better way for people to see their most memorable photos turned into works of art. But when a photo inspires you and you want to create something special for yourself or for a gift, do you really want to wait for it? Technology, logistics, creativity, and hard work have led us to deliver a boutique customer experience. You can create your custom order in only 54 seconds (yep, we’ve timed it) and we’ll deliver amazing, custom products to your door in just 72 hours. Wow!

I am so proud of the work we do for you. Our products are made in the US by a small, industrious team in Delray Beach, Florida led by my nephew Dov, who is keenly focused on every part of your experience with us, every single day. The tradition continues. And we continue the tradition of taking great care of every photo submitted to us, because we know it matters to you, and guess what? It matters to us too.

By the way, you won’t find a photobook at Photo&Go Express. We don’t believe in them. They get full of dust; You have to figure out a place to store them; The dog sometimes likes to chew on them, and they take way more time to pull together than you’ve got. We believe your most important photos should be turned into works of art so they last, AND that you deserve to have them fast. Because there’s nothing more important than remembering.

Be prepared for a big smile when you open your order. And know that a gift like this is the greatest and most appreciated gift you can ever give. We’re certain you’ll love it, and that’s why we can provide you a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you’re not happy, tell us and we’ll take care of it. We promise.


Founder, Photo&Go