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It's getting harder to excite supporters with candy, cookies, t‑shirts and wrapping paper, isn't it? Set your organization apart. With Photo&Go Fundraising supporters can turn their digital photos into beautiful, hand-crafted art of the highest quality in wood, metal, acrylic, glass and more. Your supporters will thank you!

Supporters Can Give Whenever, Wherever

You'll knock it out of the park! Online fundraising has grown 35% in the last 3 years alone. With Photo & Go Fundraising supporters can purchase directly from their phones and you'll get 20% of every order sent back to you, every month! There's no cost to you.

Grow your supporter base fast with online fundraising. Our Always Live Campaign, makes it easy for supporters to give photos as gifts every month of the year and easy for you to have a never-ending campaign, so Photo&Go Fundraising can continually give back to you.

Photo & Go Fundraising Donates 20% Of Every Order To You!

Engage Supporters in Two Ways

Engage supporters of every age, no matter how computer-savvy they are, in two ways:

1. Unique Email Address - Get a magic email address that's set up just for you or your organization – like, so any supporter can simply email a photo directly and in seconds, they'll see exactly what their photo will look like in their inbox when it's on wood, metal, acrylic, glass and more. (Demo this by emailing a photo there right now!)

2. Custom Branded Website - Get a branded Web site like, so your supporters can upload photos directly from their desktops or mobile devices. (This is live too for you to take a sneak peak! Just click the link above.)

"If you need to raise funds from donors, you need to study them, respect them,
and build everything you do around them."

- Jeff Brooks

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